About Moi

Hello again! My name is Molly Lester. I live in Chicago and work at Allstate as a UX Architect on Allstate's online quoting tool. Allstat has taught me to love to the challenge of complex problems. Everyday I am constantly fascinated by the process of organizing chaos.

I graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Art & Design. During my serior thesis, I started to fall in love with the design thinking process. Toiling away on my bee conservation game, I found that I love the iterative process for design. After graduation, I became a graphic designer, but I craved the chance to create engaging user experience. I left Metro Detroit and came to study UX/UI design at DESIGNATION, a bootcamp in the heart of Chicago.

Beyond work, I enjoy game nights, watercolors, and attempting to bake. Currently I am in the process of learning woodworking, in an attempt to truly live up to the millenial moniker.

Let's Connect

Feel free to get in touch for any opportunities or to say hello! molly.f.lester@gmail.com